Hair Styling | Medium-length hair

On Golden Middle Ground: Medium Long Hairstyles

Medium long hair lends itself to many different hairstyles. It may be layered, styled voluminous, sleek or with beach waves. See whether one of the hairstyles of stars is right for your medium long hair

Few are ready to grow and maintain hair that reaches halfway down the back. Clearly, such long hair is not everyone’s style. Much less care and styling goes into medium long hair, which reaches from chin to collar bone level. This length is flattering for most because it softly frames the face. Besides, it is just the right length to create hairstyles with attitude.

Think again if your idea of medium long hair is the bland middle between more expressive choices. Medium long hair actually offers more styling versatility than any other length. As added advantages, medium long hair can be simply styled and adjusted to your face and personality and does not require frequent trimming like short hair.

The Best Care for Medium Long Hair

Medium long hair may develop split ends because the hair ends keep bouncing off the shoulders. Taking care of the hair ends is therefore essential. Especially designed fluids for the care of the hair ends are just the right solution to keep medium long hair intact. Regular trimming also prevents split ends.

Styling Tips for Medium Long Hair

Hair wax provides luster, bounce and hold. It is therefore an ideal styling aid for medium long hair. You can use wax to accentuate individual strands, waves, fringes, or hair ends. Give extra luster to your entire hair by distributing a little wax on both inner hands before stroking over your hair. Applying extra-gloss hairspray is an alternative.

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