Hair Styling | Hairstyle trends for women

Slimming Hairstyles

Clever outfits are one way to appear a bit smaller, well-chosen hairstyles can do the same for your face.

Leave your sweat suit in the bottom drawer and forget about subscribing to a fitness program. We are going to show you ways to make a few unwanted pounds optically disappear the easy way. Styling rather than exercising is our credo. Of course, styling and exercising would be even better. The effect of exercise on well-being and appearance ought not to be underestimated but exercise is not the topic here. We want to help you look slimmer without exercise program. Here, we show face-slimming hairstyles before shedding a single pound.

The Best Slimming Hairstyles

What haircuts, fringes or tricks work best to make your face appear smaller? There are actually many face-slimming hairstyles. They are all loosely falling, structured hairdos, which hug the face and/or optically stretch it.

Stepped or layered haircuts with fringes for example let you take advantage of optical slimming effects. These haircuts disrupt straight lines and flatter rounder faces.

The proper haircut and streaks can bring structure and depth into your hair.

The idea behind the above strategy is to avoid having your hair fall in long straight lines. For slimming purposes soft waves hugging the areas around your eyes and cheeks work much better than straight lines. Wavy, medium length shaggy bobs are ideal to optically slim down your facial lines and direct the attention to your hair.

Traditional high ponytails, chignons high on the head or beehives like Amy Winehouse wears them optically lengthen your face. Teased hair or updos make you appear taller and your face slimmer. The banana updo and partial updos with angular fringes or teased hair over the forehead also optically lengthen the face and make it appear slimmer.

On the other side of the spectrum, straight fringes covering the entire forehead are not so flattering. Circular fringes, which softly frame the face, or sideways slanted fringes down to cheek level are much better choices. Don’t cut fringes short if you want to slim your face.

Sleek ponytails are another no-no for women who like to appear slimmer. The austere look of the sleeked back ponytail directs the focus to the cheeks and chin. These are just the parts of the face showing the extra weight. Loosely gathered ponytails with some stray strands of hair framing the sides of your face hide fuller facial features much better.

Voluminous Hollywood style retro waves tend to look too opulent. They rather add to plumper lines.

Very short haircuts are also not meant for women with chubby faces. Longer hair, i.e. longer bobs or hair reaching to chest level is better suited to make you appear slimmer. Hair extensions help to add length to short hair.

The Ins and Outs of Slimming Hairstyles

Here you find a selection of hairstyles to wear or avoid if you want to appear slimmer:

Wear: Stepped or layered haircuts, streaks, soft wavy hair, circular cut fringes, slanted fringes, bobs, high ponytails, high chignons, beehives, banana updo, partial updos, medium-length hair, hair reaching barely over the shoulders

Don’t Wear: Long straight hair, retro waves, sleek ponytails, straight fringes, short fringes, short haircuts