Hair Styling | Updo hairstyles

Updos for Medium-Length Hair

Shoulder-length hair is suitable for many cool updos. With our step by step instructions your updos will turn out stylish and last through the day.

Shoulder-length hair is sufficiently long for most updos and may actually be preferable for casual updos. Short stray strands of hair soften the style, which otherwise could look austere.

Styling Instructions: Chignon with Hair Bow across the Forehead

If you mostly wear your shoulder-length hair in beach waves or a trendy bob you may want to consider adding a few casual and elegant updos to your arsenal of hairstyles. A hair bow across a forehead can spice up the familiar high chignon. Simply follow our step by step styling instructions to create your version of this hairstyle.

Styling Tools: Styling comb, extra-gloss hairspray, hair gel, scrunchy, bobby pins, and hairspray

Styling Instructions:

  • Comb your hair straight and apply extra-gloss hairspray.
  • Use a styling comb to separate a strand of hair above your forehead in such a way that a short parting runs from the hairline upward toward the crown of the head.
  • Apply a small amount of hair gel for better manageability.
  • Gather the hair in the back of the head to an austere high chignon. Drape the separated strand of hair above the forehead in a bow across the forehead. Secure the end of this bow using bobby pins.
  • Use hairspray to secure the hairdo.


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