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Nonchalant Hairstyles from Wavy to Wild

Like every year, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival marks the beginning of the festival season. If you need a reason for wearing casual hairstyles there is none better than visiting festivals. As long as the hairstyle is casual, it can be wavy, pinned up, braided or plain. Statement jewelry is right in tune with the colorful festival scene. Get ready to join the festival fun!

What could be better than greeting spring and the festival season with colorful outfits and casual hairstyles? Who wants to spend a long time in front of the mirror to create a complicated hairstyle instead of having fun taking in the festival music and exhibitions? This is the time for carefree fun. A playful but casual hairstyle is not only the simplest but also the only appropriate choice. The hairstyle should be done with the flick of the wrist. Styling accessories add colorful notes or they can make personal statements. Style does not have to be elaborate to be beautiful.

Casual Hairstyles for Outdoors

Festivals are not the time for complicated updos or accurate braiding. The hairstyle must be as relaxed and playful as it is durable. Most importantly, no hairstyle is worth missing large parts of an exciting festival because it is distracting and must be fixed over and again. More important is reliable UV protection for hair and skin just in case the sun comes out in full force.