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Streaks Accent Hair

Setting streaks as highlights or lowlights or using block streaks to accentuate parts of your hair is an established trend. Streaks give hair a fresher look without the need for coloring the entire hair. We like to introduce to you various types of streaks and help you enhance your hairstyle using the right type and color of streaks

Streaks intensify the hair color and create enchanting light reflections in your hair. The light playing in your streaked hair also adds radiance. Shaded hair appears fuller.

Streaks look more natural if they are no more than two or three nuances lighter or darker as the rest of the hair.

Streaks in Various Nuances of a Hair Color

Streaks in several nuances of a shade create the appearance of hair after vacations in the summer sun. The sun bleaches individual strands of hair to varying degrees. It is possible to mimic this effect by setting beach streaks. For naturally blonde hair this works especially well by setting streaks in the colors of honey, apricots or sand. Chocolate brown, caramel, and mocha are ideal streak shades to create this effect in brown hair.

You can create streaks in different nuances of a shade by using home streaking kits. Each kit allows you to set streaks in two different nuances.

Lowlights: Dark Streaks

The shading effect of darker streaks deepens the overall color perception of your hair. This effect is particularly pronounced and appealing in ash blonde hair.

Soft light brown streaks work well in blonde hair. Brunettes can use medium to dark brown streaks to deepen their hair color.

Highlights: Light Streaks

You may wish to highlight your hair using light streaks. This avoids bleaching your entire hair and creates a natural look. Lighter block streaks accentuate wider portions of your hair or entire elements of your hairstyle like the fringes or the ends of your hair (see ombre hair).

Block Streaks

Block streaks are wider than regular streaks. Only the top layer of hair is colored for block streaks. They are used to create distinct and often unique color effects.

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