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Yves Saint Laurent: Tightly Fixed Hair in an Inverted Crown

Be sure to try this look if you like the elegance of Yves Saint Laurent. The style looks complicated but is actually quite easy to achieve. The tightly turned hair looks even more organized if you work a lot of gel into the hair like in the example shown above. However, the hair style looks very elegant with or without the gel.

You need these tools:

comb, hair pins, hair spray, and gel

Here is how you do it:

  1. It helps to first work some gel through your hair for perfect hold and more manageability. This applies especially for very soft hair. However, you do not have to use any gel. Part your hair in the center up to the highest point of your head and comb the hair straight down and to the sides. Use some hair spray
  2. Start to roll up the hair on one side: Pull the hair straight down and start rolling up the hair about at the height of your eyebrows. Keep the hair roll close to the head. Pull new hair pieces up as you form the hair roll around your head. Use pins as needed to hold the hair roll in place
  3. Pin the end of the roll to the back of your head before you start to roll up the other side of the hair roll
  4. Pull up some hair in the neck portion of your hair. Intertwine the neck hair strands and work the pieces into the hair roll. Fasten the pieces well with pins. Tip: If you have not used gel to achieve the hair style then you can now reach for some special hair spray to give your hair luster
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