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Gucci: Glamorous Diamond Knurls

This really is a braid. However, this Gucci version is so glamorous that it has earned a place in our line-up of favorite updos. The best part of this look is the combination of glamour and simplicity.

Needed Tools:

hair gel, hair scrunchies and band for the braid

Here is how you create the style:

  1. Comb the hair back. Rub a small amount of gel in the palms of your hands and stroke your pulled back hair with your hands to keep it tightly combed back
  2. Use a scrunchy to gather all your hair in a ponytail, which should be placed about half as high as a traditional ponytail
  3. Part the ponytail in two equal pieces. Turn both pieces around their axis independently and intertwine both pieces. Gather the ends of the wound up hair in a scrunchy before letting go of the pieces
  4. Double up the diamond knurl with the end underneath the ponytail base. Use another scrunchy to hold the ends of the knurl in place. The hair style looks especially elegant when you hide the scrunchies underneath a pretty braid band
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