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Nina Ricci: The Noble Hair Knot

This style by Nina Ricci is classical and elegant: The hair knot is arranged low in the nape of the neck. It brought back a classic hair style to the Paris fashion forum. This knot has an effect all on its own. In the image above, a stylish hair pin adds discreet elegance to this artful hair style.

Needed Tools:

brush, scrunchy, hair pins and hair spray

Here is how it is done:

  1. First of all, updos hold up better if you do not wash your hair shortly before styling it. Your hair will be more manageable this way. Part your hair in the center. The part should be short
  2. Comb your hair thoroughly and gather it in a scrunchy deep in the nape of your neck. Comb the lower part of the hair once more
  3. Form the gathered hair into a small loop and hold this loop with another scrunchy over the first one. Pull the gathered ends of the hair around the first loop and fix the arrangement with hair pins; the pins should be hidden underneath the knot. Tip: Decorative hair pins provide solid hold and they are also a beautiful accessory
  4. A little hair spray will keep the finished hairdo organized
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