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Vera Wang: Her hair is casually done up

On the occasion of the New York Fashion Week, Vera Wang conquered the audience with the above variant of the ‘banana’. Vera Wang is simply first rate with her style, which is glamorous and casual at the same time. Her updos work throughout the day but are also cool creations for the evening. For this kind of style the hair must at least reach to the shoulders.

Needed Tools:
Teasing comb, hair spray and hair pins

Here is how you create the style:

  1. Tease the entire hair well but especially the hair in the back of your head. To tease your hair you should partition it and work a comb through it against the grain with small movements. Then spray hair spray onto the teased hair
  2. Now gather your hair low in the neck and turn it around once before turning it upward
  3. The ends of the so treated hair are then pushed up into the ‘banana’. Use a few hair pins to hold the hair
  4. Finally, pull a few little strands out of the arrangement and use hair spray to hold everything in place
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