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Hair Styling Tips for Hat Wearers

You can't go outside without a hat if you like to keep your ears warm in a cold climate. You no longer need to worry about the havoc wearing that hat is going to create for your hair style. You can keep your head warm and your hair style intact at the same time. We are about to tell you how this is done

Caps and hats are blamed for quite a few problems such as fly-away hair, greasy hair and hair without bounce. This winter, our simple styling tips are going to keep your hair style beautiful and your head warm underneath your hat. You no longer have to freeze your ears off to maintain beautifully styled hair.

Firstly, your hair and scalp need to be prepared for hat wearing time so that taking off your hat causes no surprises. Wearing your hat is not going to result in a flat hairline if you use the proper styling mousse or hair spray. Right away, applying the mousse or spray and then blow-drying your hair while hanging your head upside down gives your hair more bounce for a good start. Hair rinses and treatments prevent fly-away hair because they make sure that your hair shafts are smooth and supple. The extra moisture puts a stop to static. Should your hair still misbehave after these preparations you can do something about it using one of those small containers of hair serum or leave-in conditioners, which fit into any bag. The conditioners are easily applied and bring your hair back in line in no time at all.

The Best of the Basic Styling Tips

Wearing any type of hat requires minding a few hair styling basics. Don't pull the hat too far into your face. The hat should just cover the hairline. You should match austere looking hats with soft feminine hair styles and vice versa. If your favorite hat is a tight-fitting knitted beanie you could pull a few strands of hair or your fringes out from underneath the beanie and accentuate a few of the pulled out hair using wax. A few strands of stray hair peeking out from underneath your hat look very playful. The side frame ends of glasses should disappear underneath the hat.

Styling Tip: Less is More

Styling Tips for Hair underneath Fur Hats

Fur hat wearers should remember to keep their hair styles plain for a more effective look

Fur hats are the ultimate hat fashion! Whether you wear real or fake fur, the trapper or the Russian model, many envious eyes are going to follow you. Decidedly plain hair styles match these extravagant hats perfectly. We recommend simple braids or sleek hair styles for contrast and added interest.

Styling Tips for Wearing Simple Flat Hats

The flat hat came to us from France. It is the most understated hat fashion, which offers styling variations galore. Match the simplicity of the flat hat with your most extravagant hair styles but keep your hair loose, maybe even a little wild. A chin-length bob or a generous long mane looks marvellous under a flat hat whether your hair is straight, wavy or curled. Bouncy and playfully feminine hair is the most appealing contrast for the plain flat hat.

Styling Tips for Knitted Hats

Styling Tips for Hair Styles underneath Beanies (knitted hats)

Beanies cover a lot of hair

Loosely knitted hats offer a lot of room for big hair. They are therefore the ideal solution for elaborate hair styles or teased works of hair art. The wide loops expand to accommodate the more voluminous hair styles and also allow some air circulation. For more ease of wear you can wear knitted cotton hats.

His and Her Hat Fashion

Long gone are the strict gender lines for hat fashions. Women love wearing flat and Tyrolean hats, which used to be male hat wear only. As a general rule, the more austere the hat fashion, the more feminine and playful should be the hair style. Large soft waves or curls or artfully braided hair provide appealing contrast and feminine flair.

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