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Trendy Hairstyles – Slicked Back Hair

The Schwarzkopf hairstyle "Imperfection" is ideal for hot summer days. Long or shoulder-length hair is slicked back using hair gel for a fresh casual style. The style works with hair of any color. We illustrate styling options and provide step by step instructions

The Schwarzkopf Hairstyle "Imperfection"

In our photo gallery, models demonstrate the "Imperfection" hairstyle for hair of various length, color, and structure. Notice how the hairstyle changes the facial appearance.


The Schwarzkopf hairstyle "Imperfection" stands for no-frill style. This style features slicked back long or shoulder-length hair. The side hair as well as the hair above the forehead is slicked back using hair gel. The hair on the crown of the head has some volume while gel holds the side hair close to the scalp. The hair is allowed to fall open naturally. The style can be casual or elegent. The wet styling is perfect for hot summer days.

The Schwarzkopf Hairstyle "Imperfection"

Trendy Slicked Back Hair

Sleek version of the Schwarzkopf hairstyle "Imperfection" modelled by Lisa Verberght

Armin Morbach created the slicked back hairstyle for Schwarzkopf named "Imperfection" and described it as "somewhat chaotic and provocative". Karl Lagerfeld captured the style with his cameras. Salt spray is applied to the hair ends to create a slightly tousled appearance. Longer hair may then be pulled forward over the shoulders. The model’s dark eye makeup accounts for the dramatic look. The top hair is styled either with added volume or slicked back. The side hair is always slicked back (photo above and left).

Styling Instructions for Slicking Back Long or Shoulder-Length Hair
Remember to make it look imperfect!

1. Apply styling mousse to the hair close to the roots before blow-drying the front hair out of your face.

2. You may want to add volume to the hair on the crown of your head using volumising powder close to the hair roots, by teasing it or by lifting it away from the scalp as you blow-dry it.

3. Use your hands to push your hair straight back from the front hairline. Apply hair gel to the side hair to create the wet appearance.

4. Apply salt spray to the hair ends to create a tousled looking structure.

5. Then apply hairspray to keep the hairstyle intact or secure the styling with the help of bobby pins.

The "Imperfection’" hairstyle can be done several ways.

Five things to think about before you slick

1. How much volume do you want on the crown of your head?

2. How do you want to use the hair gel (on the sides only or also on top) and how much of it do you want to use?

How much do you want to tousle the hair ends?

4. Do you want to pull the hair ends forward over your shoulders or allow it to hang straight back?

5. What type of makeup do you want to wear (nude makeup or dark smokey eyes) 

In the Schwarzkopf video tutorial, we show variations of the "Imperfection" hairstyle among other styles.

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