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Middle, Side or Zig-Zag Parts for a Perfect Look

Parting your hair differently can change your looks dramatically. It is easy enough to try it. Simply switch sides. That may look terrific and bring out your best qualities. By the same token, it can also emphasise small beauty flaws. We like to share with you what we know about parting hair

Perfect Partings on the Catwalk

The middle part is back in vogue. Once considered a relic from the flower children era, the middle part has been given a new standing in the fashion world. The middle part is once again trendy. Unfortunately, the look does not suit everyone. You should consider the following before you decide to part your hair in the middle:

Middle Parts are most suitable for Small Faces

With a middle part your hair tends to frame the entire expanse of your face. Middle parts therefore make a round face appear even rounder. They are also decidedly unhelpful if you like to hide some lines or wrinkles around the eyes and on your forehead.  Wavy or curly hair looks great with a middle part, while straight and thin hair tends to look stringy rather than sleek. In case of dyed hair, parts in the middle of the head draw particular attention to regrowth in a different color.

The Flattering Side Part

Side parts are flattering and work well for most women. The asymmetry compensates well for not entirely perfect facial features and small beauty flaws like a large nose; receding chin lines become less obvious. Side parts make wide faces appear narrower and can even cover some lines. We recommend placing your side part a little to the right or left from time to time or switch it to the opposite side. That will give your hair more bounce and the appearance of more volume.

Zig-Zag Parts Can’t Be Neat

In the 1980s, zig-zag partings used to be exactly drawn. Such neatness appears old-fashioned these days. Undone looking meandering parts are the rage now. Never mind the darker hair near the roots. Therefore, you should not bother with zig-zag combs. They only create unwanted neatness. Instead, comb your hair back and hold it using the palm of one hand. Then use the handle of a teasing comb or a thick knitting needle to draw a zig-zag line front to back. Now pull your hair to both sides and comb it down. You may like to apply some hair spray to hold the hair in place.

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