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Beautiful Hairstyles with Side Parting

The prominent element of the 2015 hairstyles for women is the side parting. Side partings can enhance sleek, curly or wavy hairstyles; they also fit ponytails, side-swept styles, beach waves or messy blunt haircuts. Asymmetrically placed partings are an eye-catching part of today’s hairstyles. Changing the placement of a parting from the middle to the side makes a big difference in appearance.

The appeal of the side partings is that they can be adapted to the overall styling. The same applies to the accuracy of the created parting line. Many modern hairstyles involve side partings. The middle parting is often perceived as ‘the brave looking cousin’ of the side parting. By contrast, side partings are more conducive to today’s creative hair styling.

Sleek Hairstyle with Side Parting

Sleek hair is one of the trendy 2015 styling ideas. The long and low side parting adds another stylish element to the silky flow of sleek hair. Wearing long sleek hair is an unbeatable fashion statement in 2015. Also – ultra long hair and the ultra sleek look go well together.

Styling tip: Treating the hair ends with a small amount of hair oil gives hair a healthy glow.

Messy Hairdo with Side Parting

Sleek hairstyles are not about to relegate wild messy hairstyles to the past. On the contrary, undone bohemian hairdos are likely to keep their appeal. The model shows the messy boho style with long high side parting and the front hair casually falling across the forehead.

Styling tip: Using dry shampoo does not only cleanse the hair but also provides volume and the messy matte appearance.

Retro Hairstyle with Side Parting

Side parting with style. This side parting helps to create the bold curves of the retro hairstyle. Opposite the low side parting, a twisted roll adds style and focus to the brushed back long hair.

Styling tip: Apply hairspray to preserve the shape of the artful retro roll.

Wet Hairstyle with Side Parting

Sleek and wet hairstyles (gelled styles) are kissing cousins. Naturally, both look stylish with low or high side parting. The minimal design of this gelled hairstyle is a head-turning choice for summer time and parties.

Styling tip: Using nude-coloured makeup sparingly to emphasise the clean lines of this hairstyle.

Side Parting and Accessories

Hair accessories add focal points and interest to every hairstyle. A wide leather band covers several inches of this low ponytail with side parting. This gives the hairstyle a decidedly edgy note.

Styling tip: Use hair oil to tame the ponytail before tightly wrapping the leather band around the top portion of the ponytail.

If you would like to try out whether fringes would suit your facial shape and your style you may want to start with a sleek or messy hairstyle with your hair casually sloping across your forehead from a trendy side parting to the opposite side. Of course, this works equally well for wet or naturally looking hairstyles (see the photos above) or even combined with an edgy ponytail.

Styling tip: Draping hair across your forehead requires bobby pins or slides, which hold the long front hair on the side opposite the side parting. You may want to consider a low side parting for extra style.

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