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Hair Styles for Long Hair Can be Casual or Glamorous

Would you like to have long hair? Eight in ten women would spontaneously answer this question with ‘yes’. This is understandable because long hair looks amazingly feminine and can be styled in many different ways. We show you some of the most beautiful interpretations

The proper haircut turns on the magic beauty of long hair

The proper haircut turns on the magic beauty of long hair

There are some who would consider hair long only if it is more than 70 centimetres (almost 28'') long. Not to worry, we include everybody with shoulder-length hair (about 40 centimetres or slightly less than 16''). In order to be a beautiful asset, long hair needs care and more care. Now and then, long hair also needs a haircut to stay in shape.

Long hair is great but thin split ends are certainly not beautiful at all. Split ends are not completely avoidable in very long hair but with tender loving care they can be held to a minimum. Hair breakage is another enemy of long hair. Split ends and hair breakage occur as a result of mechanical stress, such as blow-dryer heat, frequent brushing and combing when the hair is wet. You will however love your long mane providing you treat it properly (see also our chapter ‘Caring for Long Hair’).

The Ins and Outs of Caring for Long Hair:

  • Avoid daily blow-drying or hair smoothing without first applying the proper products. It would be ideal to let the hair air-dry and use heated rollers only now and then to style the hair for special occasions
  • Do not gather your hair in a tight ponytail on a regular basis. This is stressful for the hair roots and therefore may cause hair loss
  • It is not necessary to remove styling products in the evening by brushing your hair excessively and with hard strokes. Instead, remove the styling products with the next shampoo. That is easier and it is gentler on the hair
  • Try to opt more frequently for the softer styling aids, such as hair wax, styling crème or hair spray for lighter hold
  • Proper nutrition is the basis for strong and beautiful hair. Top nutrients for healthy hair are vitamin C, biotin, silica, zinc, and folic acid. You should either eat more fruit, vegetables, whole grain, milk products, poultry and sea food or take a supplement with all essential nutrients
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