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Long Sleek Hair – A Shiny Frame for the Face

Did this ever happen to you? Your hair stylist convinced you to an adventure of a hair style and now you hardly recognize yourself in the mirror? The new look was supposed to be sooo cool. This would have never happened with a hair style classic! Long sleek hair for instance

The long sleek look has all the features of a hair classic. The style is versatile and can be styled with or without fringes (bangs), side or middle parting. Excellent hair care is of the essence for the sleek look because split ends and dull hair will kill the style.

For this style, a conditioner is needed for every shampoo, and the hair should be allowed to air-dry if at all possible. If your hair is naturally wavy use a heat protectant and straighten it strand by strand using a flat iron. A trace of gloss hair spray provides the ultimate finishing shine.

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