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Summer hair repair: Transforming your hair after summer damage

After a summer’s worth of exposure to sun, salt water, and frizz-inducing humidity, your mane is more than likely in need of some hefty repair. The summer fun you had all season can suck the life right out of your strands by the time fall rolls around. But not to worry, better hair days are ahead! We have a no-fail plan for bringing your locks back to lush in no time. Read on for our expert tips to transform your hair after the damaging effects of the season.

Replace Lost Moisture

Dry hair is the number one issue we face come September. Treat parched manes with a moisturizing shampoo followed by a moisturizing conditioner, like the ones from the Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME® Omega Repair™ line. Be sure to apply the conditioner where sun-damaged hair needs it most - from the mid-shaft to the tip. Hair isn’t as dry at the roots thanks to its natural oils, so condition there more sparingly.

Handle With Care

Give your stressed tresses a little extra TLC with a leave-in conditioner like Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME® Omega Repair™ 11-in-1 Leave In. This will add an extra boost of conditioner and also gently smooth and separate strands, so you won’t have to tug at snags with a comb. Hair that has been abused by summer's elements may be difficult to comb out, and if you harshly comb out tangles, you may cause your hair to break. Use a wide-tooth comb and start at your ends, working up to your roots.

Rejuvenate Your Locks

If your hair is dry and splitting at the ends as a result of excessive summer wear and tear, try swapping your regular styling product for Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME® Amber+ Oil™ Oil-In-Serum. This cream formula is designed to repair your broken, split ends while making your locks silky-soft and shiny.

Add Life to Your Colour

Salt, sun, and chlorine can leave your hair looking dull and brassy, especially if it’s colour processed. In order to restore your hair colour to its former glory, head to the salon for a gloss or glaze treatment. They are less costly than getting full colour and will restore the tone of your original hue while adding shine. Once your colour is repaired, use a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner like the ones from the Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME® Diamond Color™ line.

Cut Your Losses

Chlorine, sun, salt, and ponytail elastics can all lead to frayed and damaged ends. Left alone, those split continue to split. Trimming them makes a world a difference -- leaving you with well-defined ends that make your hair look and feel amazing.

If the summer season’s fun in the sun has left your locks looking dry, damaged, and less than luscious, you need a plan of attack to get those tresses back on track. With all your favourite products from the ULTIME lines and our hot hair repair tips by your side, your hair will be healthy and beautiful again in no-time!