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Styling Products 101: Mousse, Gel, Spray et al

In times long gone, there were only setting lotions and hair sprays. That was all. Today, we have the choice of countless styling products. There is styling mousse, blow-drying spray, volumizing lotion, as well as mousse, gel or wax. Stay with us and learn what the products can do and whether they are right for your hair

The Featherweight: Mousse

Styling products

Styling products work their magic only if they are used properly

Mousses are the all-around products among the styling aids. They make every day styling quite a bit easier. Mousse speeds up the drying process and gives hair the desired salon-style volume without much fuss. Mousses are suitable for hair of any quality and any length. Dependent on the ingredients, mousses lend support to fine hair without pasting the hair into place; they condition dry, stressed hair and provide curls with the right bounce. The application is easy. Towel your hair dry and then simply work the mousse through your hair using your fingers or a comb. Now you are ready to blow-dry and brush your hair.

Rock-Solid: Blow-Drying Lotions, Tonics and Sprays

Blow-drying lotions, tonics and sprays work just like styling mousse and they are also suitable for all hair qualities and lengths. These lotions and sprays coat unruly hair with a vitamin complex or provide collagen to turn thin hair into a veritable mane. Special heat shielding lotions are ideal if you frequently use straightening, curling or styling irons. The best way of doing it starts with bending your head forward and letting your hair hang upside down before spraying it. Then lift your head and spray the top of your hair. Finally, comb your hair with a wide-toothed styling comb. This procedure provides protection for every single hair.

Supple Hair: Using Gel and Wax

Despite the confusing variety and names, it is basically sufficient to distinguish between the two types of this styling aid class. Gels provide structure and bounce while waxes rather provide luster and suppleness. Dependent on the hold they provide, these gels can deliver very soft structural hold or lend considerable strength to the hair. You may use either of the products if your hair is short. Longer, curly hair looks particularly glamorous with the tiniest touch of wax or pomade distributed through the ends.

Staying Power: Hair Spray and Hair Lacquer

Hair sprays or lacquers add the perfect finishing touch to styled hair. Hair sprays preserve the hair style longer, protect the hair from damaging environmental effects, and a little rain will not cause frizzy hair. Like always, adjust your brand and type of hair spray to the requirements of your hair. The hair style also plays a role. Bouncy curly tops need light flexible sprays while swept-up hairdos (‘updos’ like French twists, buns etc.) are best served with a hair spray providing a stronger hold.


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