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Five most coveted hair colours to try this fall

Fall is the season of change, and that applies to your hair colour too. After all, what's a season change without a hair colour refresh to usher it in? Whether you have blonde, red, brown, or black hair, it's all about going for a warmer, richer tone this season. Before you decide on your new shade, make sure you've seen the five of the most coveted hues for fall, from dark and moody tones to creamy blonde hues. Find your new shade ahead.


Whether you're thinking of becoming a brunette or just want to freshen up your brown hair colour, now's the time. Brown hair colours will be woodsier this season, ranging from chocolate to espresso. If you're stressed about the dullness of your hair, ask your colourist to apply a colour gloss for added shine. For a similar look, try our color ULTIME® 4.1 Rich Brown.


If you're already super blonde and in need of a bolder upgrade this fall, a great way to add warmth, shine, and a little bit of fun to your hair is to add a little bit of deep pink into the mix. A little strawberry or apricot can complement your skin tone and make your blonde hue more interesting. This shade will also pop out against a dark winter wardrobe. For a similar shade, try our color ULTIME® 9.14 Icy Copper.


Not quite golden blonde but not quite grey, this cool shade rests in the middle and looks gorgeous hitting the light. This season’s blonde hair is soft and almost see through. Creamy blonde, the milky blend of platinum and blonde, is an easy option for ladies looking to enhance their platinum colour. Try our color ULTIME® 10.1 Light Blonde for a similar look.


A monochromatic, dark shade is the best bet for lovers of low-maintenance routines. Black hair can look harsh, but a softer hue in a muted jet will compliment all skin tones and hair textures. Try a flat black for fall in a sharp, blunt haircut to amplify the colour.  For a similar shade, try our color ULTIME® 1.1 Khol Black.


This gorgeous, multidimensional shade is a little bit burnt brown meets reddish-orange with a pink undertone. A definite contrast from the brighter red shades of the past seasons, it's more muted, but mega chic. The season’s version of auburn is perfect for the gal looking to make a statement for fall. For a similar look, try our color ULTIME® 5.28 Cocoa Red.

No matter which of the five hottest shades for fall you choose to update your look this season, remember that your hair care routine at home is key to keeping your colour gorgeous. The Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME® Diamond Color™ line was designed specifically for colour-treated hair. Infused with intense moisturizers, the products in the Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME® Diamond Color™ line will leave you with the brightest, sleekest, softest hair without stripping the colour. Stock up on your favourite products from our Diamond Color™ line and look absolutely amazing this fall!