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Undone Means Casual and Classy

There are those days when elaborate hairstyles are just not going to happen. Sometimes, the dress code calls for casual attire. In such cases, the undone look may be the best solution. The style has an appeal with relaxed, casual chic for every occasion. Our instructions help you style the undone look, and our photos of bloggers are meant to inspire your choices of undone hairdos. Star stylist Armin Morbach leaves out no styling details in his ‘undone looks’ video tutorial

Undone hairstyles offer perfect the perfect choice when an elaborate updo seems to be too much trouble while a ponytail is just a bit too ordinary. This trendy style is as suitable for spending some time at the mall with friends as it is for a formal dinner party.

‘Undone’ does not actually mean getting out of bed and forgetting about shampoo, brushes and combs. As far as hairstyles are concerned, ‘undone’ means casually cool. Conveniently, undone hairstyles go well with all kinds of outfits. It's no wonder, bloggers embrace the undone style!

How to Style the Undone Look

The undone look can be made with volume and structure. The styling requires volumizing shampoo (to start creating maximum volume), styling mousse to massage through your hair after the shampoo, volumizing powder or dry shampoo (to apply to the root portion of the hair), anti-frizz lotion to create still more pliable volume, and hairspray (to apply while hanging your head upside down).

The Undone Hairstyle: Ivana Julián


Caption Blogger Ivana loves to re-invent her style. Today, she presents herself lady-like, tomorrow she surprises with a casual style. By contrast, she sticks to the undone look for her hair.

Blogger Ivana Julián ("Fashion Quite") lives in Spain. She is known for her captivating fashion choices in many different styles and her undone hairstyles, which neatly suit all these wardrobe styles.

Styling Tips: Like Ivana, you should keep your hair well-tended and shiny. However, the hairline may be tousled and the not so straight side part is best created using your fingers rather than a comb.

The Undone Look: Ashley Madekwe


In her blog "Ring My Bell", actress Ashley Madekwe shares her passion for fashion. Undone beach waves are ideal for her activities in Los Angeles. She wears her long hair side-swept.

Styling Tip: Using hairspray with low holding power allows the casual waves to move freely.

Image: Blogger Ashley’s hairstyle is casual yet classy.

The Undone Look: Sandra Hagelstam


Sandra’s somewhat rough but manageable hair supports her undone hairstyle quite well. Part? What part? Instead, blogger Sandra ("5 inch and up") tames her long blonde hair with a shiny Alice band close to the hairline.

Styling Tip: Use plenty of volumizing powder from the roots to the hair ends.

Image: Sandra Hagelstam’s undone fashion and hairstyles look creative and trendy.


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