Hair Styling | Hairstyle trends for men

Modern Long Hairstyles for Men

Today, men wearing creative long hairstyles attract admiring looks rather than criticism. Among the popular long hairstyles in 2015 are gelled back styles, undercuts, Rasta hairstyles and messy chignons. We show you some of these styles!

Long hairstyles are popular among men in 2015. Some of these styles are sophisticated others are very creative but all of them are cool.

Modern Long Hairstyles for Men: The Messy Chignon

Men like to wear beards in 2015. A full beard in combination with a messy chignon is one of today’s popular choices. This hairstyle is simple and practical.

Tip: Messy hairstyles are all the rage! The above shown undone chignon can be styled in seconds.

Modern Long Hairstyles for Men: The Semi Updo

Sounds quite ordinary but this semi-updo is an extravagant hairstyle choice for men. The sleek version of this hairstyle with middle parting looks particularly elegant. The top layer of the hair is gathered into a ponytail or chignon in the back. In 2015, the styling can be as messy as you like it!

Tip: Use a flat iron to straighten your hair.

Modern Long Hairstyles for Men: Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks can be styled to various thicknesses and with long or short hair. For this trendy style with the side hair razor-cut on one side only and dreadlocks falling over one shoulder the thinner version is preferably used.  

Tip: Shaving the hair on one side gives dreadlocks an interesting modern slant. A faux side cut will also create this less voluminous dreadlock variation.

Modern Long Hairstyles for Men: Beach Waves

Men wearing beach waves are sure to turn heads. The soft waves remind of lazy vacation days at the beach.

Tip: Styling beach waves is easy. Work a tennis ball-sized dollop of styling mousse through your hair and apply salt spray.

Modern Long Hairstyles for Men: The Side Flip

In this sensual long hairstyle variation, the casually styled hair is straight. The front hair is pushed to the side in a soft wave to give the look an extra dash of nonchalance.

Tip: Extra gloss balsam provides hair with a beautiful glow.

Long Hairstyles for Men

Long hairstyles are still something special for men. They signal readiness to make unique individual choices even if it means to break old European standards. Today, men with long hair have more choices than ever. Men no longer need permission to adopt their own unique styles, including hairstyles.

The long hair styled back with the help of gel (see the left of the first two photos) is both charming and elegant. The styling is easy and suits all occasions.