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Hairstyles for Men Wearing Hats

Men’s favorite head wear for all seasons are hats, berets, and baseball caps. We show how to wear the hair underneath the hat or cap.

Without doubt, hats and caps are the most fashionable and noticeable accessories for men. There is a suitable hat or cap for any outfit. Well-chosen head wear will add a casual note to an outfit or add pizzazz to a man’s style. It all depends on the outfit and the style of the hat or cap. In our gallery, we show how to wear the hair underneath the hat or cap even if the hair is quite long.

Hair Styling Tips for Men Wearing Hats

There is no reason for men to hide all their hair underneath a hat or cap. On the contrary, some hair should be visible. It looks more appealing when some strands of hair above the forehead, in the neck or on the sides can be seen underneath the brim or cap. These strands of hair are part of the style and may escape from underneath the hat in a casual or even messy way. Some hats and some outfits call for a more deliberate style with elegantly waxed and combed back hair.

How to don a hat or cap is certainly part of a man’s style. Should the trilby be pushed forward toward the forehead or should it be pushed back like a Tyrolean hat? Would it look better if the baseball cap would sit sideways on the head? Does the flat brim (or visor) of the flat hat go toward the front or back? The best way to find out is by trial and error in front of a mirror. You will see how to fit the hat or cap to your style and features.

Head wear can be quite useful for men with widow’s peak. Hats and caps conveniently cover beginning bald spots on the sides of the forehead.