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Great Styles for Gray Hair

Today’s gray-haired women are free to choose from a wide variety of hairstyles. Soft waves, sleek chignons, and short haircuts look particularly appealing for gray hair. 

Gray hair is not only a sign of the years passing by, it can also look beautiful. Celebrity women redefine the silver look.


Styles for Gray Hair: The Fine Points

Gray hair may have a blonde touch, a silvery shimmer or may still be dark gray. There are perfect styles for every shade of gray hair.  

Gray with a touch of gold or blonde: Soft hairstyles are particular appealing for gray hair with warm golden or blonde undertones. Casual styles like the loosely brushed back bob also work well for this hair color.

Silvery or bluish shimmering gray: This cool gray hair color works particularly well with plain precisely cut hairstyles like sleek chignons or bobs. The clear lines of geo haircuts seem to have been invented for uniformly gray hair on the frosty side.

 Dark Gray: Exacting short hairstyles and styles with well-defined lines (e. g. geo-style haircuts) enhance the beauty of dark gray hair.


Styling Tips for Women with Gray Hair

Styling products make it easy to create curls or keep hair straight or sleek. Curling mouse makes curls springier and straightening spray keeps hair straight and silky for several days. Volumizing powder adds fullness and manageability. While extra-gloss hairspray or wax intensifies the luster of hair, styling paste allows the creation of a matted finish.  

If you are in the habit of coloring your gray hair you may want to give the color treatments a rest for a while and try one of the hairstyles in our gallery. After all, “Change is the essence of life”.

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