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Hair Trend Alert: Bangs for Winter 2016

Bangs are a must-have this season for long, medium length or super short hair and the coolest accessory of the moment. Winter 2016 is already seeing a serious fringe star following. Fashion’s most popular It-girls and street-style stars are using bangs as a seasonal update to their current looks. Bangs gives your hair a distinct style, and can even make you look younger. Whether you want blunt full bangs or a sultry sweeping style, there is a fringe that works for every haircut; but the coolest of the season are bangs that skim the eyelashes and have a grown-out feel. Check out our tips for getting the perfect bangs every time you style.

Blow out your bangs as soon as you hop out of the shower while your hair is still very wet. Bangs dry faster than you think, and the moment they start to air-dry they’ve already begun to set into their natural shape. The sooner you start styling, the better your results will be.

A powerful blow dryer and a small, round boar-bristle brush are the most important tools for mastering the bang blow-drying technique. Hold your hair dryer over your head, facing down towards your forehead, and brush your bangs from side to side until dry. This ensures your bangs fall straight. Finish by rolling the ends under.

To tame frizz and seal their shape, use a flat iron to smooth your bangs. Start on one side of your face and take vertical sections all the way across. The best way to do this is with a slim flat iron that can get all the way up to the root.

Most women need a little something to keep cowlicks in place. If you have fine hair, use a dab of the Omega Repair 11in1 while bangs are still wet.. For thicker hair, try something with slightly more hold like styliste ULTIME Crystal Shine and Hold Transparent Polishing Cream. But keep in mind, when it comes to styling product and your bangs, less is more. Apply your styliste ULTIME product to the rest of your hair first, then use only what is left on your hands for your bangs. Any more and you’ll end up with greasy fringe by noon.

Even if your beauty routine doesn’t involve daily shampooing, make an exception for your bangs. Give your bangs a light shampooing before you wash your face in the morning, and use styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume and Vitality Luxe Fresh Up Dry Shampoo before they get oily. A quick spritz before you head out the door will prevent midday, oil-induced separation or flatness.

Be mindful of your forehead when you moisturize your face. Skincare product can transfer to your bangs and make your hair look greasy. Keep your bangs off of your face until your products have fully absorbed. To be safe, blot your forehead with blotting paper before taking down your bangs.

Update your look this winter and be totally on trend with the fashion girls in the know. Add some bangs to your current style for a subtle change that will have you looking hot. Stock up on your favorite Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME products and follow our tips for styling the most perfect bangs this season.

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