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Fringes (bangs): The six hottest catwalk trends

Bevelled, round, short, wispy or long: There are many ways to wear fringes. The question is which fringes look good on what person. You also need to know how to care for fringes

Round Fringes (Bangs)


Round fringes (bangs) look very feminine. Balmain uses the style to give his models a romantic look

Here is how you can achieve this style:

In this hair style, the fringes form an almost seamless transition to the hair on the sides of the face. The style requires a lot of volume and is therefore not suitable for fine hair. If on the other hand you have very thick hair you can deal with it by thinning out the base portions of your hair. In this case the top layer of the hair is cut to the desired length and the hair underneath is thinned out considerably. This method is a way to reduce the volume without giving the fringes a frayed appearance. In this look, the hair covers a great deal of the face. Therefore, the hair style is unsuitable for small, narrow faces.

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