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Fringes (bangs): The six hottest catwalk trends

Bevelled, round, short, wispy or long: There are many ways to wear fringes. The question is which fringes look good on what person. You also need to know how to care for fringes.

Casual Fringes (Bangs)


Jean Paul Gaultier goes over the top with the hair styles of his models on the catwalks but the frayed fringes are alright to wear in daily life

Here is how it is done:
Slightly tease the graduated fringes, which at the greatest length should reach the eyelashes. Then use some hair spray. The look is ideal if you have a high forehead, and it works even with fine hair because not much hair volume is needed in the front portion of this hair style. Since there are no straight lines in this haircut, you need little dexterity to trim it yourself.

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