Hair Colour | Trendy hair color strawberry blonde

Hair Color Trend: Strawberry Blonde

The lightness of blonde and the fire of red work together in the sensuous hair color strawberry red. The summer sun playfully adds dazzling light reflections. Bella Thorne is the right ambassador for this hair color. We show you how to achieve just the right mixture of blonde and red and suggest a few particularly appealing hairstyles for reddish blonde hair.


All hair colors come in endless tints, shades, and tones, which all have their special beauty. Strawberry blonde hair with its lightness and intriguing shimmer caused by reflecting light also offers a spark of fiery red for excitement. Today’s trendsetters are particularly enthusiastic about wearing blonde hair with light red accents. Wearing strawberry blonde hair can make a statement.

Strawberry Blonde: Is this Hair Color Right for You?

The blonde in strawberry blonde stands mostly for the lightness of the hair color while the reddish color dominates. Some nuances of strawberry blonde may also qualify as trendy light red tones. Everybody with a light rosy complexion will look terrific wearing strawberry blonde hair.

Strawberry Blonde: Coordinating Outfits and Makeup

All colors go well with strawberry blonde hair. Wear a bright red dress, a pink T-shirt or a green jacket for maximum effect and a fresh, youthful appearance. Muted colors leave the stage to the hair color for an overall elegant impression. The same applies to makeup. All types of makeup work well with strawberry blonde hair from almost unnoticeable nude to bright colors and from a natural style to stage makeup and smokey eyes.

Creating Great Shades of Strawberry Blonde

When coloring your hair strawberry blonde the result will depend on the starting hair color. The color treatment will work best if your natural hair color is lighter than strawberry blonde. The achieved strawberry blonde color will be less intense if your hair is darker than the recommended range of starting colors.

The Optimal Care for Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair must show luminescence for dramatic impact. Especially adapted hair care ensures that the reddish color does not lose its appealing glow. Since strawberry blonde hair is blonde with a red shimmer, we recommend using the hair care regimen designed for blonde hair.