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Semi-Permanent Hair Colors Turn on the Lights in Your Hair

Semi-permanent color treatments require neither ammonia nor alcohol and are therefore gentle alternatives to permanent coloring. Still, even the mildest color rinse adds luster, a deep glow and delicate shimmering light reflections to your hair. Such color enhancements sure can brighten our days. Below, we let you know what the current color trends are and when semi-permanent colorings show their most dazzling effects

Many women believe that their hair color is boring. The shimmer of reflected light or a deep glow may be missing especially in ash blonde and brown hair. It is this playful interaction of hair with different kinds of light, which adds so much magical radiance to it. Semi-permanent color treatments can add these playful light effects.

You may also wonder what hue of permanent hair color to use. In that case, semi-permanent coloring treatments offer a marvellous way to experiment with various hair colors. This way, you don't have to live with a permanent hair color until you are sure about the most effective hue. Most of the semi-permanent color is going to disappear after only six to eight shampoos. This gives you plenty of room to experiment with all elements of today's color choices without permanent commitment.

The Effects of Semi-Permanent Hair Coloring

While permanent artificial hair pigments penetrate the hair and settle deep in its core, semi-permanent hair pigments only coat the outer hair shaft. Therefore, semi-permanent color treatments require neither ammonia nor bleaching ingredients. This is why they are so much gentler than permanent hair coloring.
Even if you hardly change your natural color your hair is going to look more vibrant after semi-permanent coloring. This effect is caused by the playful light reflections, which the artificial pigments add to your hair. Thin hair gains a lot from the additional pigments because they instantly provide more depth and volume. Luckily, semi-permanent hair coloring is simple and can be easily done at home.

Today's Trendy Semi-Permanent Hair Colors

Whether it is summer or winter on your half of the globe, deep glowing colors are always attractive. Of course, warm glowing colors work particularly well in colder seasons. Earthy colors are known to radiate warmth. These are colors with hazelnut, brownish red and deep brown nuances.

Key Facts about Semi-Permanent Hair Colors

  • First determine your own natural hair color. Use two identical semi-permanent color applications if your hair is very thick or long
  • Processing, the sun, sea water or a harsh environment may have damaged your hair. If this is the case you should opt for the shorter leave-in times. You really should test the results on a small strand of hair
  • Using the proper hair care products can improve the staying power of the hair pigments in your hair
  • Note the hair color classification on the packages: Class 1 means that the hair color can be washed out. Such color treatments last about six to eight shampoos and can be applied without pre-treatments; they are even sufficiently powerful to cover the first gray hairs. However, class 1 color treatments cannot bleach hair. The pigments only coat the outer hair shaft. By comparison, class 2 hair colors contain hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent and a separate pigment solution, which need to be mixed before the application. Class 2 hair colors last about 24 shampoos
  • Products with pigments for extra light reflection provide the deepest color and glow. These pigments are so intense because they reflect light with stunning brilliance