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Cinnamon swirl hair is the new trend that will take your breathe away

If your latest obsession is bronde hair color, then the gorgeous new color technique happening in the beauty world, dubbed cinnamon swirl hair, is definitely the next new trend for you. The latest hair color trend takes its inspiration from cinnamon rolls, and is a non-blended mix of light and dark shades. Characterized by warm shades of honey, nutmeg and cinnamon this multidimensional shade magically blurs the line between brunette and blonde. Think of it as a slightly more intricate version of the bronde hair color trend.

What makes this look different from the other trendy highlighting techniques as of late, is that it blends both the hair painting and foil highlight techniques. The color is done in a normal single process with hand painted, brighter bits in foil. This gives the hair some brighter pieces and more pop. The result is a more dimensional look rather than a blended one, and it’s really something we haven’t seen before.

To get the look, your colorist will touch up your roots with a shade that blends in with your regular base color, so that when it grows out, there's no line of demarcation. Then he or she will use a combination of hair painting and foils to get the look of cinnamon swirly goodness. We suggest telling your colorist to use two different glazes to give the look reflection and different tones of blonde a gorgeous blend of caramel and golden brown.

You will leave your appointment looking gorgeous, but the only way to keep your cinnamon swirls looking that way after you leave the salon is with regular at-home maintenance. Using products developed specifically for color-treated hair, like the Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Diamond Color line will help keep your color bright and your hair healthy. Shampoo every other day or every two if you can go that long, in between regular washings. And using a weekly hair mask like Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Omega Repair 60 Second Treatment is an absolute must for healthy looking, vibrant hair.

Cinnamon swirl hair is the new shade that will basically leave you drooling. The rich, vibrant tones help to warm up your skin tone while the hand painted pieces contour your face. The roots are less visible as the color grows out, meaning more time in-between salon visits. This trend is perfect to take you through spring. Be sure to up your at-home color care maintenance game by stocking up on the Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Diamond Color and Omega Repair lines, and your tresses will look as delicious as the dessert they were inspired by.