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Now trending: The double bun

Any trendy girl worth her weight in beauty products knows that the bun will always be the go-to hair style. A bun is easy and surprisingly flattering if you get the placement right, creating cheekbones on even the roundest faces. While a bun hairstyle can undoubtedly make you look sleek and professional, it can also make you look a bit aloof. Enter this season’s bun; an iconic nineties trend that has risen to present it-girl staple.

The double bun, made popular by grunge princesses nearly two decades ago, has once again found its way back into the mainstream. We’re obsessed – and not just because everything nineties is cool again either; the double bun looks good on every hair type and it doesn’t require a lot of effort or time in your daily beauty routine because it doesn’t have to look perfect.

When recreating this season’s hottest look, know that it's essential to style the double bun trend on dirty hair. Clean strands are too slippery and will likely slide out of the style. Douse your next-day (or even third-day) mane with a healthy spritz of Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME® Biotin+ Volume™ Dry Shampoo before styling to refresh your hair and add volume to help hold it in place.

Here's how to get the look:

1. First, part your hair down the middle. No need to be too neat, just separate your hair into two equal sections.

2. Then, taking the hair on one side, brush one section up into a ponytail that sits between the top of your ear and the top of your head. Repeat on the other side.

3. After, take each piece and twist continuously until it starts to wrap on itself. Twist the hair around the base of the ponytail and pin. Only pin a small amount of hair to avoid the pins popping out over time. Each bun should require about three to four bobby pins max.

4. Once you've secured your bun, you can pull some front pieces out for a more laid-back look, or mess up the buns for some texture.

As an added bonus, when you take your buns down you’ll be left with the sexiest waves!

The topknot and ballerina buns had their time to shine, but the double bun has quickly stolen the spotlight. This funky-chic style has a playful tomboy quality with an edgy of-the-moment appeal. You can whip up the double bun style up in a matter of minutes for a daytime look that is fun and flirty, yet equally versatile enough for a glam night out. Have your Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME® Biotin+ Volume™ Dry Shampoo on hand and get ready to retire your plain, old singular bun and channel your inner nineties girl with the hottest hair trend of the season - the double bun.

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