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New Multi-Application Hair Color Ideas

Have you made your selection among today’s many hair color choices? Is it dark blonde, chocolate-brown, cherry-red or black or any combination of colors? Now you can give your creativity an even wider reign! Your favorite colors are packaged to allow for several applications

We are sure that the multi-application hair color packaging is welcome news for all who already made up their minds about the hair color, which best fit their style. Practical innovations are always welcome! The multi-application packaging of hair color will make hair coloring easier and more creative. A foam dispenser provides color mousse at the touch on the nozzle. You only dispense the amount you actually need and save the rest for the next color treatment. The mousse can be easily worked through the hair without dripping and without any mess. Is this the hair coloring product you always wanted? Well, it is here!

The New Multi-Application Hair Color

The multi-application hair color still has to be combined with a developer. However, the mixing takes place inside the dispenser. Two separate aerosol containers are placed inside the can, one holds the hair dye and the other holds the developer. The two containers are connected via the spray nozzle. Upon a push on the spray nozzle the content of both containers are mixed while they are released. You only mix the needed amounts of developer and color. This makes an end of tossing away the residual hair color after every application.

Now you have the choice of coloring your entire hair or just touch up the roots. A single hair color dispenser provides sufficient color for about one full-head application (shoulder-length hair) or six root touch-ups. The new method of hair color application is ideal for women with short hair and for color touch-ups.

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