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Coloring Roots: You Can Do It

Whether the hair is platinum, ash or golden blonde or whether it is only accentuated with some lighter streaks, our fondness for the lightest of all human hair colors is not about to disappear. Blonde hair demands a lot of attention, and in all its variations it comes with the nuisance of the darker new hair growth also known as roots, the tell-tale sign of bleached hair. Is it necessary to cover up every millimetre of reality or is there a way to handle the color difference?

What used to be a trend among many models and celebrities is not necessarily the desired style of all blondes. We are talking about dark roots. The good news is that there are solutions and tricks, which help to manage the color difference between the bleached hair and the darker newly grown hair close to your scalp.

Six Tips on Coloring the Newly Grown Portion of Bleached Hair

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