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Coloring Your Hair Brown and Finding the Right Tone

So, you have decided to become a brunette? Welcome to the business class hair color. Your brown hair color should have just the right depth, the perfect hint of red and it should harmoniously play to your complexion and eyes. All these expectations are also reasons to color your hair cautiously

Beautiful rich brown hair
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Beautiful rich brown hair - How great it is!

You are convinced that Charlotte is the only rational person in ‘Sex and the City’, you find your own medium blonde hair somewhat boring, and you want to spend your summer vacation dreaming under palm trees rather than balancing on a surf board? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you are ready to be a brunette.  Congratulations, you made a great choice! Brown hair, and especially perfectly groomed luscious brown hair, exemplify adult elegance, style awareness and maturity.

It is child’s play to change from a lighter hair color to brown hair using permanent hair color or an intensive tinting treatment. Finding the perfect tone may however turn into a hairy proposition. Dark brown colored, naturally medium blonde hair may look somewhat artificial. A green tinge will certainly spoil your fun with the new brown hair color. New multi-facetted hair colors and restraint in your color choice are the solutions to these woes.

Coloring Hair Brown: Hints for New Brunettes

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