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Black Hair is not at all Boring

Whoever dares to wear black hair is also spoilt for choice. Reddish, dark brown or bluish undertones accentuate black hair in different ways. Whatever your color choice, black hair requires a lot of care

Black Hair

Black hair can give women a mysterious image. It also requires plenty of care

Year after year, the color black celebrates its comeback in the fall/winter fashion shows where it is one of the simpler choices. Women love their black dresses and fashion items. Black as a hair color is however exceedingly demanding. Are the fringes straight? Have you paid enough attention to your make-up? Did you forget the hair cure for more luster? Any other hair color may be forgiving of such endearing inattentiveness but not black.


If you like to try before you fully engage in the black hair trend you can use intensive tinting to gradually approach the darker hair color. The new ammonia-free hair color formula achieve a deep black color but wash out within six to eight weeks.
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