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Shampooing – How Often?

Freshly washed hair has an exhilarating effect. It may even put a bounce in our steps. After shampooing, your hair has volume and shows its full soft beauty and unique intricate luster. However, there is really no need to shampoo your hair every day especially if your hair is long. We are going to help you find the right shampoo routine and like to tell you about some clever tricks to keep that impression of freshly shampooed hair alive just a little longer

Hair up to chin-length may simply need the daily shampoo. This applies in particular to absolutely straight hair and exacting haircuts like a bob. Be sure to use a very mild shampoo and select one for normal hair if at all possible. Conditioning shampoos for over-processed or damaged hair may overload your hair with conditioners and unnecessarily weigh it down. You should make an exception for color-treated hair and provide it with the benefits of specialty shampoos for color-treated hair to prevent early fading. If your hair is longer than chin-length you may like to try postponing the next shampoo for a day or two. Even though the hair close to the scalp may be greasy, the rest of the hair is usually not greasy and often somewhat over-processed or even damaged.
Pay a lot of attention to rinsing your hair after a shampoo. It is important to rinse well because residual hair products together with hard water can dull your hair and clog the scalp. This not only weighs down your hair and takes all the bounce out of it but also requires more frequent shampooing. After shampooing, your hair should literally be squeaky clean when you press excess water out of it.

Cleverly Styled Hair Needs Fewer Shampoos

The proper choice of styling products alone keeps your hair fresher longer so that it is less in need of yet another shampoo. Styling mousse and styling sprays usually contain alcohol and therefore counteract the greasy look. These styling products also lift your hair away from the sebum-producing scalp. If your hair style includes bangs you know that they look greasy first. Teasing helps! Slightly teased hair keeps its distance from the oily scalp and therefore holds up better between shampoos.

Be sure that all your styling tools are clean. From time to time, you need to remove residual sebum, conditioners and styling products from these tools. The entrapped residues in your styling tools can lead to stringy hair. Brushes and combs need a weekly cleaning in a mild shampoo bath.

Bouncy Hair without Daily Shampooing

The hair near the scalp is greasy but the rest of the hair looks just great? This is why dry shampoo was invented! Use it when you want to postpone shampooing for a while. From a distance of about 30 centimetres [approximately 12 inches] spray a moderate amount of dry shampoo onto your scalp and use your fingers to vigorously massage the dry shampoo into your scalp. Allow the dry shampoo to work for two minutes before thoroughly brushing it out of your hair. A brush with natural (boar) bristles works best for this purpose. Your hair is going to look perfectly groomed without shampooing.

Sometimes, another hair style is the alternative to frequent shampooing. If your hair is long enough, you can get away without shampooing if you comb your hair close to the scalp and gather it in a low ponytail or a chignon high in the back of your head. Luckily, these hair styles are trendy right now. Shorter hair lasts another day without a shampoo if you take advantage of the new gel-styling trend. Simply apply a little styling gel and comb your short hair back in a boyish kind of style.

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