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Anti-frizz Products Take Control of Unruly Hair

As the weather gets colder and we spend more time in heated rooms frizzy hair is a frequent problem. Fly-away hair is the other problem caused by heated indoor air. The moist air outside is often of little help because it tends to turn your hair style into a frizzy mess. Luckily, there are easy ways to stay on top of these styling problems. We like to help you find the right hair tamers for all types of weather

Frizz is often at the root of the problem when hair seems untameable and resists all attempts at styling. Without sufficient moisture content the outer hair shaft gets rough and loses its supple, shiny nature. As a result, the dry frizzy strands are not going to be styled no matter what you do.

Anti-Frizz Hair Care

Anti-frizz products deal with the root causes of dried out hair. They provide moisture for your hair, prevent dryness and fill in the damaged porous parts of the hair shaft. By counteracting static charges the products also make an end of fly-away hair.

Anti-frizz shampoos usually contain oils, which coat the hair and seal its outer cuticle layer. The protein in anti-frizz conditioners repairs damaged hair. Unruly, frizzy hair needs additional intense conditioning treatments once or twice every week. These treatments nourish the hair and repair the structurally damaged parts of the outer hair shaft as well as the core of each hair. After such a cure, the hair is supple, smooth and much shinier.

Don’t skimp on the anti-frizz conditioners! The various products in the anti-frizz series work in tune with each other. One product complements the other. Use anti-frizz shampoo and conditioners regularly to eliminate frizzy hair for good.

Anti-Frizz Hair Styling

Your anti-frizz strategy should consider all your hair’s needs all the time. This includes hair styling. We recommend using an anti-frizz lotion or serum before blow-drying your hair to make sure that blow-drying does not get you off to a bad start toward dried out hair. Your hair will be smooth and keep enough of its natural moisture this way.

Always use a heat protectant spray if your styling routine includes a flat iron or curling iron. Evenly spray heat protectant all over your dry hair before using flat or curling irons. If sprayed into damp hair, heat protectants protect against blow-dryer heat and help prevent frizzy hair.

Anti-frizz hair sprays seal your hair after styling. They offer protection against wind, UV radiation and moisture. These hair sprays also prevent you from having to deal with a head of unruly frizzy hair over and again.

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