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Hair Dryers Deliver Hot Air and Then Some

Of course, drying your hair naturally and without dryer is best. Then there is the morning rush. The hair dryer comes to our rescue and helps us get ready in time. Modern hair dryers are quite powerful. Yet, they are also amazingly gentle. Below, we help you use your hair dryer to your best advantage so that your hair will be at its best and you can show your personal style

Pampered, not spoiled hair: The proper techniques make all the difference!

Hot air from a hair dryer does tend to dry out your hair ever so slightly. It makes therefore sense to apply a protective coating to your hair before blow-drying it. You can do this by using mousse or a special thermospray. Such styling aids coat each hair with a very thin film, thus protecting it from the damages caused by rough brushing and the drying effect of hot air.

A hair dryer with two or three heat settings, two or three blower settings and also an ambient air setting works best. Your hair dryer should have plenty of power. 1,600 to 2,000 Watts output will dry your hair in no time at all. This saves styling time. Use plenty of power and the medium heat setting of your hair dryer to almost finish drying your hair. Then you can proceed with styling.

A hair dryer with an ambient air setting belongs in every styling kit

Use a round brush to give medium long and long straight hair bounce and gorgeous shine. Use clips to gather the top layer of your hair on your head. Now you can pull the lower strands over a round brush with moderate force. If you like to create more base volume you can pull the lower hair strands over a round brush and treat it with a short stream of warm air followed by a burst of cold air. Then allow your hair to cool for a little while. You can speed up the process by using several round brushes. This works best when the brush handles are light and do not pull your hair down too much. Light-weight brushes will also better resist slipping out of the hair.
Flat paddle brushes are most suitable for shorter hair and bob cuts from very short to shoulder length. Slightly tilt your head to the side and apply some pressure while brushing the sides of your hair against the grain. Use your hair dryer on each strand at the same time. Then do the same for the back portion of your hair.
Very short pixie haircuts dazzle after some handiwork. Take individual strands and slightly pull them away from your scalp while using the blow dryer on this strand. This creates the trendy pixie look and gives the hair structure.
Take it easy with the hair dryer on wavy or curly hair.  A special diffuser attachment on your hair dryer ensures a gently stream of warm air without turning your curls into an unmanageable mess and without turning you into the shock-headed Peter of the fairy tale. A large round brush allows you to straighten wavy hair. Apply as much tension as is reasonable when pulling individual hair strands over the round brush. Pulling the strands first to the inside and then to the outside while using the hair dryer will make your hair fall straight in a particularly appealing way.

How to Properly Blow-Dry Your Hair

Hair Dryers by Class

Modern hair dryers are far more sophisticated than they used to be with many high-tech features to benefit your hair. You find the following technologies in the new gadgets, which do more than blowing wind through your hair:

The power of ionization: Your blow dryer discharges negatively charged ions with the air stream. These negative ions attach and coat the positively charged hair. This prevents static and fly-away hair. In addition, this process attracts moisture particles from the air and keeps your hair from being blown too dry.
Ceramic Elements provide gentle infra-red heating. As a result, your hair dries ever so gently from the inside out.
Finishing Attachments: Ceramic attachments comb your hair while you blow-dry it. This makes your hair especially smooth and creates the marvellous luster.
Color Guards: A specially designed hair dryer attachment creates streams of cool air amid the warm blow-dryer air. This attachment is meant to prevent heat damage and the loss of color from dyed hair.
Logic Blower: This special feature ensures a finely calibrated stream of evenly heated air.
Super Blowers: Hair dryers with this feature provide 50 % more effective air circulation. Add to this 2,500 Watt power output and your hair will be dry twice as fast.

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