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Blog Trend: 2014 Hair Colors

Fashion designers have taken out their brushes and painted the new fashion with their brightest colours. Naturally looking hair color is the perfect and very appealing contrast to colorful outfits. Women allow their natural hair color to grow out and simply embrace the not so natural two-tone look. In matters of fashion, bloggers definitely keep an ear to the ground. Currently, they prefer naturally looking brown hair

The new brown is like the natural hair color but more sensuous. This is achieved by keeping the hair dye close to the natural hair color while giving the color more depth and luster. Iridescence and sophisticated light reflection tickle the senses. Light, medium or dark brown hair flatters almost all complexions. Using hair dyes close to your natural hair color will achieve the most dazzling accents in brown hair. Optimally, blonde women select the color of light caramel while dark-haired women reach for deep chocolate brown shades. The fashionistas among bloggers already wear the new 2014 hair color.

2014 Hair Color: Blogger Sarah dyes her hair a sophisticated brown

2014 Hair Colours
Blogger Sarah prefers feminine looking hairstyles. The new shades of natural brown are tailor-made for her

Sarah loves New York, Marc Jacobs, pink, gold jewelry, tutus and Gossip Girl. Sarah’s blog 'Josie Loves' displays a kaleidoscope of interests. Our photo shows her feminine style. She prefers skirts over slacks and lets her hair frame her face in soft, free-flowing waves. "I wear dresses and skirts almost exclusively. Cutting my hair short is unthinkable!" Sarah reveals.

Sarah’s expertise does not stop at fashion. Her sophisticated brown hair color and styling puts her ahead of the new hairstyle trend as well. This is the perfect hair color and style for 2014. After coloring her hair for 12 years, Sarah knows that brown hair does not have to be created by natural hair pigments to look nature-made."It is funny, after all my experiments with all shades of blonde and dark brown, I am right back to my real (albeit not nature-made) hair color and actually prefer it" she tells us.

Sarah does not mind the occasional bad hair day too much. She loves her hats: "Nothing works better than a beautiful hat to deal with a bad hair day. Besides, I discovered dry shampoo this year, which has come to the rescue a couple of times."

>> More about Sarah: Josie Loves

2014 Hair Color: Blogger Sophie enhances her naturally brown hair

2014 Hair Colours
Sophie is a young mother but still manages to style her hair in classy ways. The current hair color trend with nature-inspired colors makes this a little easier. Her brown hair fits right in.

Blogging mom Sophie revealed herself as "Latte Macchiato Mama". Her blog "Berlin Freckles" is deliberately subtitled "Mama 2.0 between Lifestyle, Latte Macchiato and Regular Life". In her blob, the young mother muses about lifestyle choices, design, family, and children.

Sophie is a stylish woman who cares about her hairstyle and hair fashion: "My natural hair color is brunette. There used to be a time when I considered my brown hair boring and added many blonde highlights to it. Unfortunately, I did not look good with those highlights. Now I wear chocolate brown hair. The color enhances my naturally brown hair. Right now, I am expecting my third baby. Using permanent hair color is out of the question. I use semi-permanent hair color instead."

Sophie reveals her secret weapons against the bad hair day blues: "I use a scrunchy, many bobby pins and the right twist. I like to twirl my side hair and create a loose chignon in the neck. A helping of extra gloss hairspray keeps my hair beautiful all day long."

>> More on Sophie: Berlin Freckles


Sarah’s Blog >> Josie Love

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