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Added Volume for Your Hair

The lack of volume and bounce can put many appealing hair styles out of reach. However, help is on the way! You can add volume to your hair. If you use the proper methods the result is going to look completely natural

Everybody with thin or thinning hair knows how difficult it can be to create appealing hair styles. The hair looks limp and lifeless and shows only the semblance of volume for as long as the blow-dryer is in action. Every hair caught in the brush seems to make the situation even more desperate. Nowadays, nobody has to simply accept this because hair extensions can add strands to your own natural hair for volume and bounce. If these extensions have the same length, color and structure as your own hair you can create full head of hair with them. The result is gorgeous, naturally looking hair.

Clip-in Extensions Add Volume Fast

Clip-In extensions are the perfect solution for everyone with thin or thinning hair who wants to add volume but is also determined to keep plenty of styling flexibility. The clip-in extensions are directly clipped into the hair with slides or barrettes and help create gorgeous volume and styles, which can be changed in minutes. Clip-in extensions can be removed as fast as you can fix them in your hair. By comparison with semi-permanent hair extensions, these temporary hair extensions have several advantages. They allow quick style changes and they are definitely less pricey.

Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions

After discovering some bald spots or as a matter of personal style, you may look for a lasting solution. A specially trained hair stylist can attach semi-permanent extensions to your hair. Hair lengthening and hair thickening techniques are similar and involve bonding additional strands to your natural hair. The difference is that the hair length stays the same in hair thickening procedures. Fewer strands are often used in hair thickening procedures. Bald spots are covered with netting; larger strands of hair are then woven into the nets and bonded or clipped to the hair extensions.

It does not matter what kind of hair extensions you prefer. The results are going to please you. You will happily notice that the bald and thin patches are gone now. A full head of hair and great styling no longer evade you.

How are extensions bonded with natural hair? Here are the commonly used methods at a glance:

Clip-In: Strands of hair are fastened on hair slides or barrettes and can be clipped into your own hair and removed at will. Clip-in extensions quickly and simply add volume to your hair.

Ultrasound: Hair strands are fastened on tiny keratin plates. They are briefly heated before they are bonded with the natural hair forming stable flat connections. Using ultrasound to bond these individual strands with natural hair does not require heat or chemicals. It is therefore a particularly gentle method. However, the procedure is work-intensive and therefore expensive.

Laser Beam / Compressed Air: Time is money! These bonding procedures for hair extensions are faster and therefore cheaper. 8 - 10 strands are bonded to the natural hair simultaneously using the laser or compressed air, respectively.

Bellargo / Shrinkies: The extensions are bonded with the natural hair inside tiny pieces of tubing. Heating shrinks this tubes and bonds them with the natural hair. The bonds are relatively bulky. Only moderate heat is necessary to achieve the bonding. This is gentle on the natural hair. However, dependent on the hair growth, the process must be repeated every four to eight weeks.

Other hair extension methods create results, which last up to half a year. However, the extensions are usually refreshed after three months.

The prices for hair extensions vary and depend mostly on the number of bonded hair strands, the bonding method, and the amount and type of hair. While clip-ins may cost as little as 30 Euros, semi-permanent hair extensions cost between 200 and 1,000 Euros.

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