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The Best Make-up Tips for Brunettes

Brown hair comes in countless color variations like hazelnut, caramel or nougat. Would you like to know what kind of make-up would bring out all the beauty of your brown hair? Read on for our little lesson in make-up color for brown-haired women

1. The Perfect Foundation for Brunettes
Brown hair is very lively in character and needs an even complexion for a harmonious impression. Your foundation should therefore cover your skin well without creating a mask-like appearance. This is no problem for modern make-up. Thanks to cross-linked polymers, the new make-up covers the skin softly and evenly. You can use the foundation for some trickery if your complexion is not quite so perfect. Foundations with an ever so slight rose tinge pick up tired sallow complexions; a slight yellowish tinge hides reddish skin blotches. Otherwise, neutral beige hues work best for brunettes.

2. Eye Make-up for Brunettes
Brownish and grayish lid shadows are very beautiful for brunettes. The lid shadow may also contain a hint of red or yellow like you find it in mahogany or mocha. However, the deciding factor for the color of the lid shadow is the eye color.

  • Brunettes with blue eyes look particularly beautiful with grayish light purple hues
  • Green eyes best come into their own with camel-beige, yellowish beige or mossy green lid shadows
  • Gray eyes and brown hair are a marvellous combination especially with lid shadow in khaki or in a brownish rose shade

Please note: If your eyes frequently show some redness you should steer clear of lid shadows with reddish or purple undertones. Under such circumstances, brownish or ash-colored lid shadows are better choices. Under no circumstances should you forget the make-up for your eyebrows. They are very important for your overall facial appearance. Brunettes should select brown hues with a grayish tinge (in case of cooler brown hair colors) or warm medium brown hues (in case your brown hair has reddish tones in it).

3. Clever Blush Accents for Brunettes
Blush does not only enliven your face it can also be used to set skillful accents. Brunettes look great with rose shades. You may like to select a rose shade with brownish undertones. Steer clear of apricot or peach hues. They can lend a grayish, lifeless touch to the complexions of brown-haired women and will make them look older. You should also be careful using blush in orange color hues. This applies in particular if you complexion is not entirely flawless. Orange blush only draws unnecessary attention to reddish blotches or very pale skin. However, you can’t go wrong using bronzers either to add a glow to your complexion or to emphasize parts of you face. There is however one caveat: Use bronzers sparingly. Otherwise, your face may appear too shiny or your facial skin is too dark compared with the skin around your neck area.

4. Brunettes Have More Fun with Lip Color
If anyone can carry off clear red lip color brunettes are our first choice. Bright red is a great lip color for brunettes but it should not contain strong bluish tinges. Brunettes also look marvellous wearing delicate brownish pink and plum lip colors. Women with reddish brown hair may also add the colors terracotta or cinnamon to their favorite lip colors. Brunettes should however steer clear of light rose hues especially pearly rose. Rose colors diminish the liveliness of your beautiful brown hair.

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