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Light and Clever Blonde: Bleaching, Shading and Streaking

Blondes can lighten up a room. Don’t worry if your hair is not that kind of blonde! We are going to tell all the secrets about turning on the lights in your hair. Of course, we also fill you in on everything you should know as a dazzling future blonde

There is no way around bleaching if you want platinum blonde hair or if you want to change from dark brown to blonde. Bleaching applications lighten hair by up to eight shades. However, this kind of bleaching definitely stresses the hair more than other types of coloring or shading. Intense bleaching involves raising the scales of the hair’s cuticle layer so that the strong hydrogen peroxide solution can penetrate into the hair and permanently oxidize the color pigments in the hair. The oxidized pigments stay in the hair, but they are colorless. In the bleaching process, hair passes through reddish and yellow shading stages before turning true blonde. Be absolutely sure to adhere to the application time. Rinsing out the bleaching application too early may leave your hair with a reddish or yellow tinge. Leaving the application in your hair for too long a time causes your hair to be dry and porous.

Bleaching Alternative: Brilliant Light Reflections

Coloring applications contain less hydrogen peroxide than bleaching applications but they too can lighten your hair by up to two shades. Due to the lower hydrogen peroxide concentration, coloring lotions are much gentler on your hair than bleaching applications. They are ideal for blondes who want to give their hair just that little kick of glamour and like to dazzle with those intriguing light reflections in their blonde hair. Gold nuances, copper tones or sophisticated pearl effects are only a few of the many options.

Hair coloring applications contain two separate components, the color lotion and a developer, which have to be mixed immediately before use. This mixing requirement distinguishes coloring applications from other hair-coloring or shading solutions. Usually, the so-called intensive shading solutions also belong in the category of coloring applications. Similar to bleaching solutions, coloring applications open the cuticle layer of the hair but they don’t completely bleach all natural hair pigments and they add artificial pigments to the hair cortex. Shampooing does not remove these pigments. Only new hair growth can return your hair to its natural color.

Lighter Blonde Streaks rather than a Full Head of Bleached Hair

Streaks are a terrific trick to turn on the light in your hair. Only a few strands of hair are bleached in the same way as the overall bleaching of hair works. Since only a few strands are involved, the process is not quite as hard on your hair. If you like to streak your hair by yourself you should ask a friend to help you with the hair in your back. A second pair of hands is also helpful if your hair is long. Dependent on the application technique, you create many fine streaks (using a streaking cap) or broader light strands (using a brush or applicator). Gradually shaded streaks look particularly appealing. However, creating streaks in various lighter shades requires some practice.

Blonde Spray Bleaches Hair Softly and Gradually

Blonde hair spray gives your hair a sun-kissed appearance. Although it contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, the spray is quite gentle. It is applied before blow-drying and lightens hair gradually. Still, blonde spray should be used for a short time only and it should not be applied every day. It is often used to lighten and perk up hair, which has darkened during long winter months.

Staying on the Soft Side: Shading rather than Bleaching

Your hair is not going to look lighter after shading but it can show very sophisticated color effects. Options are various shades of gold and red as well as brown sheens from honey via amber and terracotta to flat white. Shading solutions do not penetrate the outer cuticle layer of the hair but coat every hair with pigment particles. Shadings are gentle to the hair while causing subtle but beautiful light reflections and providing hair with gorgeous luster.

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