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Our Best Make-up Tips for Blondes

Blonde is more than just a hair color. As a statement blonde is rarely overlooked. Blonde comes in many shades from light platinum blonde and cool bronze tones to wheat blonde and caramel hues. Our tips show you how to find the right make-up colors

Make-up for Blondes
Subtle shades of rose flatter most blondes

Fundamentals: Foundations for Blondes
Redness and skin blemishes are particularly obvious on the often very light skin of blondes. You should therefore use make-up for medium to high coverage, unless nature has granted you an amazing complexion. Be sure to select make-up colors going toward neutral beige to slightly yellowish. You should steer clear of any rose make-up hues.

Eye Candy: Eye Make-Up for Blondes
The recipe for lid shadow applications calls for less, as in ‘less is more’. Pronounced lid colors like Barbie pink or deep violet appear too flashy for most women with light blonde hair. The pastel counterparts of these colors produce far more appealing effects. These softer hues like rose and lilac without pearl effects work particularly well with gray or brownish undertones.

Ash blondes should use golden brown eye shadows to put some glow into their complexions. Otherwise, ash blondes may easily look washed out. Champagne or gold-coloured highlights underneath the eyebrows are perfect for ash blondes but they must avoid any silver or pearl eyebrow highlights. Women with golden blonde hair also look good wearing darker mauve or magenta tones on their lids.

You don’t have to shy away from smokey eye make-up for the evening. Smokey eyes look good even for platinum blondes. You should however use brown or dark gray instead of black eye shadow.

Eyebrow Styles for Blondes
Women with naturally light blonde hair should not emphasize their eyebrows using very dark eyebrow pencils. Ideal are eyebrow pencils or powders in light grayish brown hues. Many companies offer special eyebrow pencils for blondes. Most of them come in grayish rose hues. It is important not to draw hard eyebrow lines. Instead, you should draw a number of small short lines between the existing eyebrow hairs. In case you have bleached your hair blonde, you should ask you hair stylist to slightly bleach your naturally dark eyebrows as well. This will make your blonde hair look more natural on you.
Red Cheeks for Blondes
Rose shades give blondes a radiant complexion. Clear light pink hues are ideal for lighter blonde women; rose and peach hues with a trace of gold go well with golden blonde hair. Darker blondes should select a brownish rose because lighter pink hues may look too sweet. Please note that terracotta or coppery hues tend to make blonde women appear pale. You should apply bronzers only sparingly.

Strawberry Mouth: Lip Colours for Blondes
What we pointed out about rouge also applies to the lip colors. You will certainly look pretty in pink. All shades of pink are most beautiful choices for blonde women. Delicate pink tones with beige or brownish undertones are perfect for women with light golden blonde hair. Platinum blondes may also venture into trying deeper bluish red or pink lip colors. Please note however, intense or darker lip colors also require an even complexion.  For a perfect look you should also use a lip liner in the same color as the lipstick or a shade lighter. Blondes should never even think of using a darker lip liner.

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