Comment fonctionnent les traitements capillaires?

Treatments offer very intensive care and should be use on demand. According to your needs, 1 to 3 times per week. What all the active complexes of our treatments do have in common: their valuable ingredients are highly concentrated and precisely repair hair damages. Therefore it is important to choose the right treatment for individual hair needs.

There are treatments for rinse and "leave-in-treatments".

  • Treatments to rinse should be left in about 1 minute. It is possible to boost the effect of treatments by heat – very simple by covering hair with a plastic-cap.
  • Leave-in treatments will be gently massaged / sprayed into wet hair (sometimes only hair-tips), depending on the product. Because of leave-in one saves time and – it also gives long-lasting care for hair.

Treatments by care lines of GLISS™ optimal match to the different type of hairs with their needs and habits of care: it does not matter if you want to protect prone-to-split-end or heat-blowing damages or need immediate repair – or wish shimmering care-finish.

External factors like washing, blow-drying as well as cold temperatures and strong UV-rays wear out the hair. It loses important nutrients which causes deep damages in the inner hair. Although the usage of shampoo and conditioner is an important precondition for well-conditioned hair, a constant application of treatments helps to deeply and effectively repair the hair with a long last.

How does a treatment work?

Treatments are made of tiny, positively charged conditioning complexes. In contrast to that, the damaged spots in our hair are charged negatively. Therefore, a treatment works like a magnet because negatively and positively charged molecules are attracted to each other. During the first application treatments identify breakages in the cells of the hair and repair them. At the same time, they lastingly prevent new hair damage. Our hair gets conditioned and shines with new smoothness.