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The Top Five Hairstyles of Women in the Blogosphere

Blogs and street styles are an important driving force in fashion, and they influence hair fashions as well. The fashion experts among the bloggers inspire and excite a large audience. Nothing in fashion from cool to stylish is off-limits for bloggers. We have kept our eyes and ears open to find the five best-loved hairstyles among young women in the blogosphere. The fashion bloggers even let us in on their styling tricks

When fashion bloggers embrace a style chances are it will soon be a fashion trend. This includes hairstyles. Hairstyles are part of a look. Together with the outfit, shoes, accessories, and make-up they create the complete personal style, which covers the range from cool or casual to creative or avant-garde. Fashion and beauty bloggers know quite well how to use all fashion elements to their best advantage.

We hope you have as much fun visiting our gallery as we did looking around for the five top hairstyles favoured by women in the blogosphere.

Dressy and Modern: Beach Waves

Blogger Hairstyles

Sarah Mikaela’s site is Framboise Fashion. She loves to dress up: “Fashion and styling are a terrific way to have fun. I revel in colors and love to experiment!”

Sarah’s Hair Care & Styling Routine: Sarah uses conditioning serum on a regular basis to keep her hair and scalp well-conditioned and moisturized. She uses styling mousse or salt water spray to define her long hair and create texture.

Sarah’s Tip for Bad Hair Days: Twist your hair into a tight chignon. “Miraculously, the hair will fall in beautiful large curls after leaving the chignon in place for a few hours.”

Cool and Fit for Daily Wear: The Undone Ponytail

Blogger Hairstyles

Anni does not have a signature style. Every day, she defines her style anew from classic to casual and leisure style. There are plenty of fashion ideas for fun and play.

styling mousse through my hair and my undone look is done. The styling is simple and saves many hours in the bathroom.”

Our Tip: In the photo, Anni wears a low ponytail. The waves lend structure to the simple hairstyle.

Anni’s Tip for Bad Hair Days: Hide your hair underneath a cap or twist it into a chignon.

Classic Elegance: The Chignon

Blogger Hairstyles

Sylvia likes to surprise with different styles. She combines the old and the new to create amazing outfits. Her look is defined by her use of luxury accessories, which she combines with low-priced clothing.

Sylvia’s Hair Style: The fashion blogger wants her outfits and hairstyles to look dressy while the style must still appear natural and simple. Her hairstyles follow her creative outlook for the day. This could mean a sleek chignon one day and large glamour curls the next.

Sylvia’s Tip for Bad Hair Days: “On bad hair days, I simply hide my hair underneath cool hats in bright colours. I may also wear a chignon. This always looks classy even though the styling is so simple. “

Our Styling Tip: Use hairspray for sufficient hold if you wear a chignon or curls.

Feminine and Creative: Twirled Hairstyle

Blogger Hairstyles

Kathrin admires the styles of fashion icons like Carrie Bradshaw and Audrey Hepburn. She describes her own style as “feminine, classic and a little crazy – I love to combine items, which on first sight do not go together at all but for that reason leave a lasting impression.”

Kathrin’s Hair Style: She prefers wearing loosely pinned back hair. For a particularly simple style she twirls two strands of hair around each other on the sides of her head. 

Kathrin’s Favorite Hairstyle on a Bad Hair Day: “Definitely the chignon! “

Our Tip: Twirling strands of hair is easy with Kathrin’s naturally wavy hair. If your hair is straight you may like to use your curling iron to create waves. This makes twirling and styling your hair easier and adds structure to your hair.

Edgy and Casual: The Blogger Chignon

Blogger Hairstyles

Diana likes to look feminine and young. She is also partial to bright colors and enjoys combining contrasting patterns. Her style is trendy and urbane.

Diana’s Favorite Hairstyles: “My hairstyle depends on the way I feel that day. “ On most days that means curls, long sleek hair or the quick chignon.

Diana’s Tip for Bad Hair Days: Definitely the blogger chignon! “I used to do some ballet dancing for 16 years. In a manner of speaking, chignons are part of my uniform. Meanwhile, I am a veritable chignon expert. My tip: Make sure to secure the chignon with plenty of bobby pins. “

Our Tip: To create a blogger chignon like Diana’s you may want to use a chignon donut for more volume. Apply volumizing powder to the root portion of your hair for best results.


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