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Best Prom Hairstyles

Prom parties are memorable events, which deserve careful planning. We show you how to create head-turning hairstyles for your prom party. You have the choice of a cool, trendy, retro, elegant or extravagant hairstyle. Enjoy our selection of top prom hairstyles.

The prom party is your opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself after weeks of cramming for exams. This is your chance to present yourself as the successful and confident person who is ready to live life on her own terms. With the certificate in hand and the graduation speeches almost forgotten it is now time to relax and work on looking the part of the former student at the brink of adulthood. We want to help you find the right hairstyle for the occasion.

We hope our suggestions for trendy prom hairstyles will inspire you!

Prom Hairstyle: Long Hair with Hairnet

Hairstyles with hairnets can be esoteric and feminine. On the last school evening, this hairstyle will show off your sophisticated side. The undone styling of the long hair with middle parting lightens up this hairstyle.

Prom Hairstyle: Faux Bob with Bobby Pins

Time-travelling back into the Roaring Twenties will give you endless styling inspiration for your prom. Seeing you all gussied up retro-style will make the heart of every Great Gatsby skip a beat or two. The sophisticated faux bob with part of the hair held or pulled back with bobby pins looks festive for the great party.

Prom Hairstyle: Curls with Braided Element

The curls and the braided hair element add playful exuberance to your appearance.

Prom Hairstyle: Streaks in Pastel Colours

Pastel-coloured streaks give hairstyles an extra youthful note. The light rose-coloured streaks contrast well with the dark-brown hair. The contrast is reminiscent of life after the prom.

Prom Hairstyle: Short Haircut

Quite often, short haircuts leave a more memorable impression than long hair. Short haircuts turn heads because they can put the features of young women in a particularly favourable light. The teased portions of the hair make this hairstyle look edgy.

Prom Hairstyles: Waves Add Pep to Hairstyles

Soft waves are always beautiful. Small details can upgrade long or short wavy hairstyles for a festive prom hairstyle.

How to create the featured Hairstyle shown all the way on the top:

1. Style Element: The hair is coloured platinum blonde. Prom night may be just the time to ring in a new phase in your life with a new hair colour. Colouring your hair platinum blonde will certainly get you a lot of attention. 

2. Style Element: Soft waves look edgy if you keep the hair near the roots and the ends straight. The middle portion may be styled with loose or tight waves.

3. Style Element: Asymmetry adds interest to hairstyles and draw attention to your facial features. Use bobby pins or slides to pull your hair back or up only on one side.

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