Hair Styling | Naturally curly hair

Long Wavy Hair – Feminine, Casual and Very Cool

Did this ever happen to you? Your hair stylist convinced you to an adventure of a hair style and now you hardly recognize yourself in the mirror? The new look was supposed to be sooo cool. This would have never happened with a hair style classic! For instance long wavy hair

Soft, casually falling waves look classy and very feminine. If you have naturally wavy hair you should use the diffuser attachment when blow-drying your hair. This prevents the hair from being tousled too much. The diffuser keeps your waves well-structured and prevents the candy floss look. Large rollers give straight hair casual waves.

You may like to use the rollers only up to ear level. The root portion of the hair then stays closer to the scalp for a more modern look. After your hair is dry remove the rollers. Do not comb your hair but rather pull it into shape using your fingers.