Hair Styling | Hairstyle trends for women

The best haircuts for every hair texture

If you’re thinking of updating your look for fall, why not go for a chop? A new haircut is the perfect way to refresh your look after summer while getting rid of those split ends from the sun, salt, and chlorine. Ahead, you’ll find the best haircuts for every type of hair texture, from tightly curled to stick straight. Find out which cut is most flattering for you before your next trip to the salon.


If you’re a thick haired gal, your locks could end up looking like a wig if cropped too tightly, so stay away from short styles. Instead, opt for an effortless long, layered cut. You want your strands to fall at least past the shoulders. Request long layers around your face and throughout, which will create movement and take off weight, so as not to drag your hair down.


Coarse hair looks amazing when cut into a sleek, graduated bob, but the key to this cut is all the styling. Wash your hair only every few days because coarse strands can be very dry. After blow drying your hair with a round, large-barreled brush with vents, straighten it into one-inch sections with a flat iron set to 425 degrees. On the second and third days, add a little Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME® Crystal Shine Heat Protection Spray prior to using a flat iron on your locks from roots to ends.


Embrace your curls with a voluminous, shoulder-length style. A center part is the key to a modern shoulder-length cut as it keeps the face open and makes the eyes and cheekbones the focal point. Your stylist should cut your hair when it’s dry in order to see the shape more clearly and not trim more than intended. Tapered triangle-shaped layers below the jaw line will help create a softer, less bulky shape. The widest part of the style should line up with your cheeks.


A medium-length, layered look can balance wavy hair so that it does not overshadow your face. As wavy hair grows, it will get bigger and wider. Ask your stylist for lots of layers and face-framing to keep your natural texture from overpowering your look.


Thin hair can quickly become flat and lifeless, so a flipped out shaggy bob is a great way to add volume and movement. Your goal is to make thin hair look thicker, so layers in this cut are a must. When you style your hair, be sure to flip up the ends in sections with a curling iron and seal the curls with Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME® Biotin+ Volume™ Hairspray. This will create the illusion that you have more hair than you actually do.


Try a long shag to add texture and volume that a hefty, all one length cut just can’t give you. And ask your stylist about adding bangs to keep this look modern. Not everyone can pull off shorter bangs, so

you may want to cut them longer and leave them side swept.

Let our guide steer you in the right direction before you book your next cut appointment, and be sure to have all your favourite Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME® products on hand for styling!