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Get a salon quality blow-out minus the salon

A perfect blowout is one of those elusive things most women can never quite master as well as the pros. But hitting up the salon every time you need one isn’t always doable. Lucky for you, with the right Schwarzkopf ULTIME™ products and our expert tips, you can get bouncy, shiny, bombshell hair all on your own. We rounded up the best tricks for getting a salon-quality blow-out in between appointments.

Choose the right location.

It’s a well-known fact to beauty girls that humidity causes frizz. Well, blow-drying your hair in a muggy bathroom has the same effect. It’s best to blow-dry in the bedroom.

Prep your hair.

After you've squeezed any excess water out of your hair (try using a T-shirt, since a towel can rough up frizz) rub a dollop of Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME™ Biotin+ Volume™ Mousse through your hair, and mist a few spritzes of Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME™ Crystal Shine™ Heat Protection Spray. Then start blow-drying. If you wait too long, your hair can get frizzy.

Dry in pieces.

Section off the bottom layer of your hair, then divide it into pieces. One of the biggest mistakes women make in their at-home blow dries is that their sections are too large, resulting in flat hair. When blow drying, focus on 1-1 ½ inch sections.

Use tension.

Position a medium-size round brush under the roots of one of your hair sections, and wrap your hair tightly around a brush as you pull it tightly through your hair, following with the nozzle. This is the difference between a glossy looking blowout and an obvious DIY job.

Keep the nozzle down.

Make sure the nozzle of your dryer is always pointing down the hair shaft, and that it's at least three inches away from your hair at all times. That way you'll smooth the cuticle and add shine without completely cooking your hair.

Twirl the ends.

On your last pass through each handful of hair, stop just short of the tips; tilt the brush so it's vertical, then give it a twist so the hair is wrapped around it. Aim the dryer nozzle there for a few beats, then let strands cool off before unwinding. Turn your head upside down, shake it out a bit, and set your blowout with Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME™ Biotin+ Volume™ Hair Spray.

Make it last.

Keep your blowout looking full for days with Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME™ Biotin+ Volume™ Magic Volume Powder. Make a horse shoe shape parting on the top of your head from temple to temple, and shake the powder on your roots. Vigorously brush it through your hair, and you have a first-day blowout all over again!

Give yourself a sexy salon quality blowout at home anytime with Schwarzkopf brand by your side!