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Underlights: The rainbow hair trend you can rock anywhere

Summer 2016 is here and every fashion and beauty trend is getting colorful to celebrate. And what better season to rock the ever-popular candy-colored hair trend than summer? Rainbow hues are an amazingly fun way to play around with your personal style, but having rainbow hair in the real world is a whole different story. Most people probably aren’t able to stroll into work unnoticed with technicolor hair in day to day life. But that doesn't make the trend any less appealing. 

Imagine if you could have the magical rainbow highlights of your dreams, and your boss and co-workers would never have to know. If you work in a more conservative office, hiding unicorn-worthy hues in the lower layers of your mane is a great way to get in on the colorful fun without risking your job. Lucky for us, the season’s latest coloring trend lets you do just that. Enter underlights, the secret strand-tinting technique that places rainbow highlights under a layer of your natural hair so that they can be hidden while you're in professional settings.

The underlights trend basically involves a stylist splitting your hair into two clear layers. While the top layer is left your natural color, the under layers are bleached out and dyed any color/colors of the rainbow you desire. While you can of course go a bit more obvious and let your colors shine through, the more subtle coloring also looks seriously pretty when the underlights are done in a subtle shade, like a rose gold effect being offset by a blonde top layer.

The result is as cool as it is covert. Then, it’s all about how you wear it. You can either hide it away – for serious days – or plait it so you get a rainbow swirl. Or, you can do the hun (a.k.a the half-bun), and really show off those gorgeous technicolor tresses. It might be the latest in about a million rainbow hair color trends, but underlights are blowing up on social media right now and it’s not hard to see why. The trend is a totally practical way to try out rainbow hair without the full commitment and possibility of getting yourself into trouble at work.

And as always with color-treated hair, your at- home maintenance routine is the key to keeping your rainbow mane looking gorgeous. The Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME™ Diamond Color™ line is designed specifically for color-treated hair. Infused with intense moisturizers, the products in the essence ULTIME™ Diamond Color™ line will leave your hair sleek, soft and rainbow bright!  So book an appointment with your colorist, stock up on your Schwarzkopf products and jump on board with the underlights hair trend. Your top knot will never looked as fabulous.

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