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Hot Tips For Going Red This Winter

Red hair is mysterious and sexy, a little exotic and sometimes quirky. From brown-reds for the girl who isn’t ready to commit, to orange-reds for the girl who really wants to stand out. From girls who know their hair is an accessory to complement their style, to girls who like to add some cool tones to the mix, there is a perfect shade for everyone. But red isn’t a simple color and there is a lot to consider when making decisions about whether it’s for you. These tips will help you understand the ins and outs of the color. How to get it, how to keep it, and how to know if you’re ready to go red.

Before you take the plunge, decide who your hair color inspiration is. Look at different celebrities and different girls that are red. Don't leave it up to the colorist to decide. Bring in someone's photo. And don't just share the picture—if there's different lighting in the photo, point to the part of the picture with the red you want. Also, think about perception. Copper may mean one thing to you when you say it, and something completely different to the person who hears you.

Anyone can go red as long as they choose the right shade. Red is a surprisingly versatile color that can be adjusted depending on your skin tone. A good rule of thumb is the darker your skin tone, the darker the red hair color should be. If you have a more olive skin tone you want to be careful with how red you go and instead look at more copper and ginger shades. Fail-safe colors are auburns and chestnuts, which almost anyone can carry because they add warmth to your skin. And if you still can’t tell, defer to your stylist’s expertise.

At-home maintenance is key after going red. The problem with red is that it fades, and sometimes when it does, it's not the most flattering. Color-protecting products will make or break you. The essence ULTIME Diamond Color line will be your best friend if you decide to go red. And try not to wash as often as you normally would pre-red. Use styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume Dry Shampoo in between regular washings to keep your locks looking and smelling clean.

Although red is a notoriously high-maintenance color, once you are ready to say goodbye, you can embrace the fade-out. The best way to do this while keeping your mane intact is to slowly add highlights to your hair. The lifting will take a lot of the red out and over time, your tresses will end up lighter, more neutral and most importantly, they will still be healthy and shiny. After about three highlight sessions, you will have significantly less red and can decide whether you’d like to continue to go medium brown or blonde or whether you’d like to deposit a darker, brown color.

If you want a hair color that blends in, then red is most definitely not the one for you. But if the idea of going red is something you’ve always played with in the back of your mind, then it just might be your time to do it. Just be sure to stock up on all your favorite color protecting products from essence ULTIME Diamond Color line to maintain your gorgeous new color at home.